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Board and Train

Each dog is different! Some take longer than others!

  • 168 hr
  • 300 US dollars
  • My Home

Service Description

This service is for a week of doggy boot camp of training in my home. Each dog is different! Every pup responds to styles and techniques differently. Also, it depends on the owner's follow up at home. Are you keeping the boundaries and limits? Are you consistent with homework? Are you remaining calm and assertive? My training techniques are balanced. We use dog psychology, and positive reinforcement. Is your dog pulling your arm off during walks? I can teach and show you how to utilize a slip lead or prong collar. Is your dog stealing food from counters? I can show you how and where to set boundaries Is your dog aggressive towards other dogs? Does your dog show food/toy aggression? I can teach you how to gain respect back from your pup. Do you have two dogs that get into fights? Do you have to keep them separated 24/7? I can show you how to slowly begin builting a bond and how to spot signals of aggression. I've worked with aggressive dogs and been successful in rehabilitating them. After training, they can be taken to the dog park, calmly play with toys, or even play in their yard with a new best bud. Success! Nothing is sweeter. Training will be held in your home or yard. If the case is severe enough, the dog will be boarded with me for around the clock training. Please note: training for severely aggressive pets will be offered on a case by case basis. No matter the level of aggression, each dog is treated with respect and love: we never use tools with excessive force or harmful will.

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